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My name is Pia. I am an artist, graphic/web designer/marketer/webmaster living & working in Los Angeles, CA. I work in the adult entertainment industry (my 9 to 5) doing a combination of these things; I’m sort of a creative ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ kind of person. When I am not working, I am pondering the nature of the universe or creating through art, design, writing and sharing it on this blog of mine.

I don’t know how to describe this blog but the words that do come to mind are personal, artistic, spiritual and metaphysical.

I am always learning something new and so I am always editing this About page. That’s the beauty of the web isn’t it? Being able to edit things and call ourselves a ‘work in progress’.

I have many interests. Here are some words relating to subjects that interest me the most:

energy work
energy healing
minerals – crystals and stones
self development
self help

My interests in these areas have also led me to learning, practicing and getting certified in Reiki & Trans Crystal Therapy.

I’ve discovered along the way that I’m also interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, web design/development, small business development, making money online; these are all part of what I do at my job so it only makes sense to apply these things to my personal interests as well.

This blog revolves around my personal experience with these subjects. I only represent my thoughts and opinions here, and if I am sharing someone else’s work I do my best to credit the source.

A few of my friends still know me as SHERM, from my days as a graffiti artist. was my old domain, and I no longer own it.

Why did I name the site “Save the Savages”? The title came from an old painting I did, here.

If you are interested in buying crystals & stones, browse my online only crystal shop: Metaphysical Vibes or you can also shop on Etsy

If you would like an in-person crystal healing / Reiki session in Los Angeles (I’m in North Hollywood), visit me at Crystal Healer LA


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Updated May 28th, 2020