Me. Taken on Friday, April 13, 2018.

Let me just start off by saying, I’m not really into bios; they never seem to capture the true essence of who I really am.

And who am I anyway? I’ve been questioning this more and more as of late. It seems like everyday, I am becoming something else. Who I was yesterday is not who I am today; perhaps it’s always been like this – I just wasn’t aware of it until I hit my late 30’s.

I like David Icke’s term of what we really are – he calls us ‘Infinite Awareness, Infinite Love’…

I also really like these terms: True Self, Pure Consciousness, the Watcher, the Seer, the Observer.

I definitely feel that I am beyond human. I know in my heart and soul that I am God/Goddess/Spirit, a small part of the greater Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe, a microcosm. If you’re into Star Wars, then you would call it The Force.

Regardless, you’re still curious. So here is a short bio of my human identity:

My name is Pia. I am an artist, graphic/web designer/marketer living & working in Los Angeles, CA. I work in the adult entertainment industry (my 9 to 5) doing a combination of those things; I’m sort of a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ kind of person. When I am not working, I am pondering the nature of the universe or creating through art, design, writing and sharing it on this blog of mine. I am always learning something new and so I am always editing this About page.

I have many interests. Here are some of the subjects that interest me the most: minerals – crystals and stones, energy work, magic/magick, meditation, occultism, psychology, self development, self help, tarot, esoteric, metaphysical, mystical, spiritual & ascension subjects.

My interests in these areas have also led me to learning, practicing and getting certified in Trans Crystal Therapy.

I’ve discovered along the way that I’m also interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, web design/development, small business development, making money online; these are all part of what I do at my job so it only makes sense to apply these things to my personal interests as well.

This blog revolves around my personal experience with these subjects. I only represent my thoughts and opionions here, and if I am sharing someone else’s work I do my best to credit the source.

A few of my friends still know me as SHERM, from my days as a graffiti artist. If you typed in, it probably redirected you here.

Why did I name the site “Save the Savages”? The title came from an old painting I did, here.

If you are interested in buying crystals & stones, browse my online only crystal shop: Metaphysical Vibes or you can also shop on Etsy

If you would like an in-person crystal healing session, visit me at Crystal Healer LA

If you like the visual and written content on this blog and are in need of graphic design, web design/development, social media marketing help, visit me.


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Updated January 4th, 2019