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Updates & Random Thoughts:

Thu 1/14/21:

Witches and magical people spend a lot of time letting go of things (thoughts, repetitive/negative patterns of behavior, people) that no longer serve them. Why? It’s really the best thing one can do for themselves.

Sat 1/9/21:

45 and I have one thing in common:

we’re both permanently suspended from Twitter.

Thu 1/7/21:

Everyone who doesn’t have white privilege: I hate it here.

Also everyone who doesn’t have white privilege: I have nowhere else to go. Love it or hate it, this is my home.


Thu 12/31/20: The more I study astrology the more I disagree with the Gregorian calendar. I prefer the Zodiac calendar which is in line with the actual cycle of the seasons.

It would also be great to incorporate 13 moons and 28 day cycles. Indigenous ancients timed everything with the cosmos; why can’t we go back to that?

Mon 12/28/20: Learn to disagree with people’s thoughts and opinions about a subject without attacking them.

Wed 12/23/20: HAPPY FESTIVUS!! My favorite fantasy holiday tbh.šŸŽ„šŸ˜‘šŸŽ„

Sidenote: I’m feeling energetically pumped, for no reason. Must be the moon in Aries these last couple of days.

Sun 12/20/20: Today marks 14 years since my mom left her human body to become one with Spirit.

Thu 12/17/20: Who is that weird bitch that has rocks in their office?

It’s me, I’m Weird Bitch.

Wed 12/02/20: Remember: likes and follows don’t pay the bills.

Mon 11/16/20: If you still think Thanksgiving is a benevolent holiday, I want to remind you about National Day of Mourning.

I’d much rather start Christmas early.

Thu 11/05/20: Are you having another existential crisis? Yeah, same here.

Oh and this WordPress theme is officially broken. I don’t want to change it but I have to eventually.

Why did I upgrade my Photoshop to the latest version? Now it’s acting dumb and wasting my time.šŸ˜‘šŸ¤¬šŸ˜¤

Thu 10/29/20: Getting older means you will lose your loved ones along the way, which will make you sad. At the same time, you will also be thankful that you got to experience the love from these people while they were here on earth.

Thu 10/22/20: A year ago today was when I found out that Roxy had passed.šŸ’”

I hardly promote this but I am available for Tarot readings via Zoom if you are seeking spiritual guidance. Email: to make an appointment.

Mon 10/12/20: Today is Indigenous People’s Day. Let’s acknowledge that we are living on stolen land everyday and to give honor and respect to the true ancestors and descendants of this land. Also, reciprocate those who are educating you online. Give with your wallet and support their business, especially to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color).

Tues 9/01/20: Part of my marketing experiment is to see whether I can make money on Only Fans without being nude.

Thurs 8/27/20: I started up a new Instagram. It will be a marketing experiment as my work and real life are pretty much intertwined at this point. Follow: @xsavethesavagesx

Mon 8/24/20: Instagram has decided to start bombarding me with ads and people I “should” follow. Why? Well DUH…you, me and your mom are using their app for FREE. Of course they can do whatever they want. They probably have all our data too.šŸ˜‘

Which is why I keep saying: create. your. own. property. Do you have a lot of followers you want to stay in touch with? Sounds old school but add a forum or a message board to your website. Or use Discord. Don’t rely on social media for anything anymore as they will try to silence you, change the algorithm to make you pay for more “views” on your content or show you more ads. Pretty much all of the above.

Sun 8/16/20: My website has officially become a dump for all my favorite memes. And I’m still suspended on Twitter. Fuck it.

Wed 8/5/20: Strange. All of my accounts have been suspended from Twitter and I have no idea why. If I make any more accounts they will suspend those too. Sigh, oh well.

The funny thing about Twitter is: they allow some things like porn and racism, but don’t allow other things within the same exact category (porn and racism).

Sat 7/4/20: Happy Farce of July!

Sun 5/31/20: I am in solidarity with the protesters, please protect & take care of yourselves and your friends. No justice, no peace!

Tues 5/26/20: I create separate online identities so that if I get bored with one, I can just go tend to another.

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I am insane and have a few Instagrams.šŸ¤Ŗ

My crystal shop’s Instagram: @metaphysical_vibes

Crystal energy healing with me: @crystalhealerla

My old IG that I don’t use anymore: @savethesavages

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