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Sat 7/4/20: Happy Farce of July!

Sun 5/31/20: I am in solidarity with the protesters, please protect & take care of yourselves and your friends. No justice, no peace!

Tues 5/26/20: I create separate online identities so that if I get bored with one, I can just go tend to another.


I don’t know who will read this but if you decide to use any of my visual content – (photos, graphic images, animated gifs, etc) on any of my sites:

Pia San Jose
Save the Savages
Metaphysical Vibes
Crystal Healer LA

Venmo tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance!❤️😊❤️


The internet is not a free for all, so please do your best to support content creators. Your Venmo tips will also help keep Save the Savages website going. That means I can continue creating FREE content that you can grab without a watermark on them. Let’s face it, watermarks are ugly as fuck. Don’t make me have to resort to that 🙁


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This is where I’ve been mostly: @crystalhealerla

My crystal shop’s Instagram: @metaphysical_vibes

An Instagram for my visual works only: @lapiasanjose

My old IG account, I don’t really use it anymore: @savethesavages


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