I often write about wanting things, becoming something, attaining some kind of goal, always wanting more, or wanting less, never satisfied with what actually Is…

But lately, I guess I’ve been feeling a shift. I’ve been thinking (well, not really thinking into it too hard but pondering) more and more about just dropping all of that “I have to be someone” or “I have to do something” or “I have to think of ways to make more money” and just BE. This is quite contradictory to the other blog post on “How to Diversify Your Life” and a lot of the stuff I post on here.

So let’s just be here now.

Since I don’t have a Facebook anymore, I’m on Twitter mostly and I notice everyone is trying to convince me to click their links, to take some kind of action, to take in more information, to listen to their music or remember who they are in some form or another, etcetera etcetera.

What if we all did the opposite of doing…

if we all just stood still and took a deep inhale,

and a deep exhale.

Would the world self-destruct? No.

It would be in peace, in complete and utter stillness.

It would be beautiful if we all stopped to pay attention to our breathing, as it is the most vital part of living if you really think about it.

Even just looking up at the sky after a long day in front of the computer has been relaxing for me.

Everyday when I come home from work, I’ve been looking up at the moon and the stars (or whichever planets are visible actually); or when I’m driving I look at the sunset painting the clouds with brilliantly vivid colors, watching how the day transitions into night.

Here is a quick drawing to go with this blog post, I call her “Starstruck Moon Girl.” Been working with water a lot too because it’s Pisces season! I did a ritual recently and my creativity has been benefiting from it. I’ve also been reading this book called “Awaken Your Genius: A Seven-Step Path to Freeing Your Creativity and Manifesting Your Dreams” by Carolyn Elliott – it’s an excellent book written by a magickal and creative witch AND it’s easy to follow. I love it so far.

May all of us find deep love and appreciation from being here, right now.


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