Amazing Photo by Aaron Huey

I’m pretty sure the photographer who shot this (Aaron Huey), emailed me the same, awesome photo more than 10 years ago. It’s so surreal when things resurface. Anyway, this was posted on Nat Geo’s Instagram today! So crazy.

I want to let people know who saw this photo in their feed that I wasn’t the only one on that wall; top left is ATLAS and bottom left is VOX. They were my crew mates from WGS (We Got Skills) Crew.

Femme9 & Sherm – 2015


This is the last thing I painted with my good friend, Femme9.

I don’t have much of an interest in painting graffiti these days, but I still admire it.

As one gets older, priorities definitely change.

Sherm – Dickies Wall 2004

Still running, only because it’s a ladder spot. Otherwise, someone would’ve dissed me years ago I’m sure.