I haven’t dedicated much time to putting these up online, but here’s a photo I took of all the ones I got from the Tucson Gem & Mineral shows as well as Quartzsite, 2017.

I didn’t buy a lot because I just wasn’t ready; it was our first time attending and I wanted to get a feel for everything first. I didn’t even have a real intention to start selling and I really liked a lot of the pieces I got so I’ll probably keep most of them. I just wanted to experience being there; it’s so much fun if you love rocks but also tiring because you’ll be walking around A LOT.

My only regret is not checking out Saguaro National Park to hike and take some photos. We were only there for 1 full day, really.

Friday, Feb 10th – drove to Tucson from LA, went to the 22nd Street Gem & Mineral Show.

Saturday, Feb 11th – spent the entire day at the Kino Gem & Mineral Show.

Sunday, Feb 12th – drove back to LA but stopped at Quartzsite, which was on the way just past Phoenix and before reaching California.

So starting from the top left row, are the names & quantities:

Pink Lemurian Seed Quartz (1)
Smoky Quartz (super dark because it’s naturally irradiated) (1)
Bloodstone Pyramid (1)
Smoky Amethyst Phantom Quartz (1)
Amethyst points (2)
Girasol Quartz (2)
Brazilian Agate Pyramids (2)
Chrysoprase (5)
Carnelian Agate (1)
Mookaite Jasper (1)

Thanks to Naha for sharing some helpful tips. Follow her on Instagram


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