Most people hop on Twitter because they have something to say, something to promote, or both.

I didn’t get into Twitter until 2014; (pretty late, I am aware of this). Although we were already using it at the job I had at the time, (Twitter is really the only legit place where people who work in the adult entertainment industry can promote and post their content), I just couldn’t get into it.

I’m mostly a visual person, and so perhaps Twitter didn’t appeal to me so much because it “looked” wordy. Tweeting 140 characters? I didn’t quite get it. Seriously, what’s the point of that? I much prefer seeing pictures. At least Facebook has games and Tumblr has LOTS of the types of visuals that I like, is what I was thinking at the time :/

Little did I know that ALL kinds of people actually use it – artists, bloggers, designers, marketers, actors, musicians, businesses, politicians, tech people and everyone in between. Even pornstars and sex workers were gaining followers so I started to use it more and more to slowly promote myself as a web/graphic designer, but that wasn’t working so I switched and made it more so that it’s just me and all the things I do (art, design, graphics, marketing) mixed in with my personal interests (metaphysical, occult, spiritual). I experimented with my Twitter profile because I also had to figure out how to gain followers for my employer.

So here’s the quickest way to gain followers on Twitter without buying fake followers:

+ Follow people that interest you. If you are a business, then follow your niche.

+ Retweet or favorite tweets that reflect your interests/niche.

+ If someone follows you, follow them back – even if it feels as if you don’t have a lot in common with them. I like variety with my followers, I might learn something new.

+ Check out what’s trending and contribute a tweet to it.

+ Have a clear and concise bio. I noticed that when I would add “marketer” to my bio, I would get marketers who follow me. And there are A LOT of marketers on Twitter.

Some tips to keep your Twitter followers:

+ Try to post stuff that’s helpful to people, what marketing people often say: offer something of value.

+ Limit your “personal stream” – meaning don’t post too much personal shit, don’t use Twitter as a platform to bitch and complain because nobody cares and people will unfollow.

+ Don’t post spam or clickbait; you will get reported and suspended eventually.

That’s all I got really. Everyone has a different experience on Twitter so I’m just writing about what has worked for me. I didn’t buy a bunch of followers and I didn’t follow people just to unfollow them. Like with everything, it takes time to build up but the cool thing about it is that you can only go up from here. Your follower count will keep on going up as long as you’re on there regularly. Sure you might lose followers here and there, but that’s a given.

Observe, go with the flow and most importantly, have fun using Twitter.✌️


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