Selling stuff online is a new venture for me. Some people are really good at it, while others (like me) might be off to a slow start.

It’s better to be honest about where you’re at currently, and right now things are going a bit slow – I don’t have a huge social media following and I rarely show my face. This might not be the case for everyone, but I think people tend to buy from a seller when they show their face or have built up some kind of online reputation over the years…

I have neither of those things and so I have to start from scratch. Maybe you are on the same boat as me? Well then, keep reading.

So how does one go about selling online if you’re not popular online?

There are a few ways to do this, but one of the ways requires spending money. I already know what you’re thinking – boo, hiss, groan!! I feel your pain – why should you spend money if no money is even coming in yet??

But understand this concept – in order to make money, you also have to spend it. Think of it as an investment.

In order to make money, you also have to spend it.

Business owners understand this concept very well, and I am learning this too. Startup costs like purchasing inventory or product to sell, hosting and domain for your online store, shipping materials, etc. If you’ll be selling at a local flea market you’ll be paying to be there and you’ll also have to rent or purchase a tent, chairs, tables and whatever items you might need to make your tent or table look appealing to potential buyers.

So you see, EVERYTHING costs money. But if you see it as an exchange for the things you want (because in reality that IS what it is), you won’t feel like you’re ‘losing’ money or that you’re always broke. No money is ever lost – instead you gained things, things that you’ve been wanting. It’s a constant exchange and nothing more.

The other less expensive way is to just keep on trucking through posting on social media, seo and blogging. This is the nature of things, where not everything can happen right away because you want them to. You have to build up your reputation and following by being active on social media consistently and not just when you feel like it. You also have to post really good content on your blog so it can be found on Google.

So in short, you have to experiment with all three of these things: paid advertising, blogging and social media.

One of the main requirements to selling online is patience. You’re planting a seed right now, so don’t expect it to sprout right now too!

I’m writing this because these are the things that I’m currently experiencing; in April 2017 I was so excited and full of fire to setup everything – the website, getting a seller’s permit & business tax license; those were not easy feats. The month of May was great because my good friend who is a herbalist invited me to have a table at a yoga studio for a small artisan faire – and I actually sold some stuff! Now it’s June and although I made a sale, I’m experiencing a little bit of a slump.

So I’m writing this to my future self – everything goes in cycles and you have to keep going with this. Be persistent, don’t give up and you will eventually see the fruits of your labor. You put in a lot of work already, don’t succumb to just being lazy and letting Etsy, Ebay or Amazon take a cut from your profits. You are technical, creative and motivated. You can see this through and you will still be here a year from now.

Here are the crystals & stones I’m currently working with to help me achieve my business goals – natural Citrine, Green Aventurine, Moss Agate & heat treated Citrine. Added Pyrite to the mix as well.

Update 11/27/18:
It’s been a year and a half since I wrote this blog post. My online crystal shop, Metaphysical Vibes is still up and running. I have experimented with Google AdWords and Facebook ads; though both are great I feel as if Google AdWords is slightly better as it brings actual buyers.

I have made some sales on the website, but it’s inconsistent as most people still go to my Etsy. It’s going to take some time before people start shopping on my website on a regular basis.

Update 11/28/20:
Wow, it’s been 2 years since I wrote this blog post. The crystal shop is still there, but I am not making as much sales as I used to. This year especially has been hard and not just for me but for every small business.

Don’t quit your day job (if you still have one).


Like I said, remain consistent. This stuff takes time and it’s not a ‘get rich quick’ kind of scheme.


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