With everything you want to get better at, you just have to practice. As a matter of fact, I am practicing right now.

It’s better to write about something that actually interests you. I am interested in developing the Self.

We need to get over ourselves, we need to stop overthinking and wondering if people are going to like what we write and just go for it.

Don’t you feel less restricted when you’re not thinking about your audience? Anyways, what’s the worse that can happen? So someone doesn’t like it, so what? It’s their issue, not yours. You were not created to please everyone.

That’s the beauty of the web, you can always edit and improve what you wrote.

Sure, in this day and age everybody wants an audience. Most everyone is writing because they want to monetize their blog, quit their 9 to 5 or both. Something, anything that will free them from the daily grind of working for someone else. I guess I am one of those people too?

I decided to recreate a digital version of my Smoky Quartz companion today.

How do you capture something that’s so dark, yet full of light? It sounds like a metaphor for what humans are, for we are also capable of holding darkness and light in ourselves simultaneously.

I hope you will create more time to practice doing whatever it is you enjoy doing.


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