for putting up this website. Though it’s mostly a ghost town around here, through years of just writing out my thoughts I actually did learn how to blog/write better, be more clear with the written word. It’s actually become part of my job now, to write copy. I didn’t think I was capable but again, I’m glad that this website served some kind of purpose.

Everything is a practice, and a constant edit.

In the past, this website also served as a place for me to complain about (you guessed it)…work. At the time, it served a purpose. But now, it doesn’t. Things change, and I’ve decided to change the way I think about things. I’m learning everyday by letting go of struggling and just going with the flow.

What did I struggle with? That’s a long list, but one of the major issues I struggled with is making assumptions. Another one is taking things personally. There’s a fuckton of shit and I’ll probably save it for another blog post on another day.


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