If what you are really passionate about became your job, would you still love it?

Would you still feel the creative fire, or would it be replaced with feelings of obligation? Feeling stagnant and uninspired will also likely soon to follow.

I always wonder about this because well…I will use my ongoing situation as an example:

I work 9 to 5 doing graphics, web design/development & marketing. Though I’m not an expert at any particular thing, I’ve gotten pretty good at doing a little bit of everything; enough to do what’s required of me and to see desired results. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none kind of person.

But my true passion lies in creating art, my personal style of art. I would love to just create art all freakin day, instead I am creating because I get paid to do so. It’s not a complaint, just stating a fact.

Then it dawned on me: what if I actually had to create my art for a living – to eat, pay bills, have a roof over my head, to make sure I don’t go broke. Will I succumb to creating art that “just pays the bills”, instead of it being a true expression from my soul?

If you are some kind of creative, where are you with this and how do you find time to do creative stuff for yourself, the kind of stuff that makes your soul glow? Haha, hope you got the Coming To America movie reference…

So what makes your soul glow?


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