I had designed this initially to post on Instagram, but I know there were some other things I had to flesh out before I actually posted it. So here are some important details about my offering:

+ As soon as you pay via PayPal, please email me at to let me know what it is you’d like for me to promote – you, your website, your band, your services, etc?

+ I have a fulltime job so please allow for some time for me to promote you (at least 24 hours), as I won’t always be able to do it right away. If you have suggestions or specific needs as to what time I should post or tweet, please let me know.

+ Rest assured that I will space out the posts/tweets so they won’t be posted consecutively. I will also do my best to hashtag the posts & tweets properly in order for more people to find it.

+ If you have a flyer or image that you would like me to use, please email it to me or tell me where to pull it from; provide me a link to your social media accounts.

+ All promotional Instagram posts will be posted here: LAinstapromo

+ All promotional Tweets will be posted here: LApromotweets

+ I’m sure there are more things to be added here. But for now, I am keeping it simple.

Thank you!


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