I got tired of being on the computer so I willed myself to just draw something. It started with the needles / leaves on the bottom left then the eye, then the skull, then the inverted triangle lines.

I wanted to see a neon color blend so I did so with sharpie highlighters.

Then I added the crystal points.

Roxy’s passing a year later still looms over me, especially now that we’re approaching Samhain. Everything feels so heavy and I’m not in the Halloween spirit at all.

In my birth chart report, the moon is in the 8th house and it says:

The Moon is placed in the 8th House of your birth chart suggesting that you are a sensitive person. Your emotional antennae are switched on to high . This may have something to do with an event connected to your mother or childhood.

As a result you may develop a need to understand the cycles of life and the metaphysical nature of the world. Why do people behave in the way that they do? What affect do the natural cycles have on human behaviour? What happens after death?

You’ve the ability to develop your interest in the occult world and to use your discoveries for practical results in your own and other people’s lives.


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