Even though I haven’t blogged and I haven’t drawn or made new art, I have been creating. It may not seem like it, but everyday – every hour, every minute, every second we are all creating with our thoughts. And simultaneously, we are also destroying thoughts, ideas and mental patterns that no longer serve us.

I have finally gotten over the old idea that I’m not being creative enough, or I’m not doing something that someone expects me to…and so forth and so forth. I was so frustrated with myself for a while, it felt like I couldn’t draw or paint for a period of time. It took a lot of inner work, and I’m still and will always be working on myself until I leave this body but I’m finally starting to see actual changes.

So anyway, here is a new drawing that I did today. Inspired by Jessica Snow’s free meditations here. If the link no longer works then go directly to her website here.

I really got into meditation this year, it has opened up a new world for me. I feel like my life has improved so much that I want to encourage everyone to try it as well.

Externally, my life is still the same – I still work at the same job. It is my inner world that has transformed me. I hope to explain this further in detail soon.


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