It would be easier to say ‘fuck LA, it’s gentrified. I’m moving the fuck out.’

Yes, easy right?

But much harder and more of a challenge to actually stick around and take up space in your own community.

Let’s be real here, do you really want to move; especially if you’ve lived in LA for so long? I’ve thought about the logistics of getting a house that I can actually afford…in the desert, but financially it would still cost the same. And besides, why the hell should you move just because some out-of-towners are taking over your neighborhood. Fight back!

So the question is, how do you fight back, then?

By supporting local businesses, supporting your friends who are all grown up now and have started opening up their own businesses; supporting small mom and pop shops who have become a fixture of the neighborhood. Support them by buying something, don’t ask for free stuff; understand that they have to make money and have bills to pay too.

Fight back by taking up space, why not start your own small business if you have an idea that you think people would love? This is your city, too!

Most of us have gone beyond the self-centered mentality – when you were young all you cared about was yourself. There was a time when it served you well.

Now is the time to give back and help out.

I hope this puts things into perspective a little bit. Here is an excellent read: 9 Tried & True Methods for Fighting Back Against Gentrification


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