Today marks 14 years since my mom passed away.

I don’t really visit her where her bones are resting, yet she manages to visit me. That probably sounded creepy, but trust me it’s not. Once a human merges with Spirit, I believe a part of them inhabits the things they loved during their time here that reminds us strongly of them. If that makes any sense.

For example, the spirit of my mom inhabits piano music.

I have been listening to different versions of The Mandalorian theme song all weekend while listing crystals online and studying astrology…

it wasn’t until I heard the piano version that I started to cry. During her earthly life, my mom played the piano and was a piano teacher on the side.

There have been too many instances where a piece of piano music reminded me of her and instantly brought me to tears. Being a fire & air sign mostly, I just don’t cry very often.

I think she would’ve loved and appreciated this theme song and would’ve played it on her grand piano beautifully.

So don’t think spirit contact is what you see on TV – seeing a ghost or a human apparition and getting scared. Or messing around with a Ouija board. With spirit contact, we’re not really seeing with our physical eyes. I really feel like it’s more subtle and heart based, as I have never seen a ghost of my mom but felt her energy and knew it was her. I cried uncontrollably. And it’s alway through piano or Christian music that she will visit.

Anything that has energy in motion can contain a spirit. In this case, it is music…and my mom left an imprint of her soul.


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