Not should, not try to…just do.

This article by James Altucher inspired me right now: The Penultimate Rules On Being More Creative

Granted I didn’t read all of it (I skimmed it actually), but I will definitely revisit in a bit.

For now, let me just write this.

Often times, we hesitate. We hesitate to create. We think too much, or worry too much or wonder what people are going to say or think of our stuff. For a long time I was guilty of that (I mean, who isn’t?). Sometimes hints of what I mentioned tend to crawl back into my psyche, freezing me up. It really hinders me from creating when that happens.

This blog post doesn’t even have a topic or a title. And yet, I felt compelled to write something today.

James Altucher says to “exercise your creative muscles everyday” or they pretty much go away.

So today, I am writing this quick little blog. Writing to exercise those muscles. I want to be creative in every which way. I want to be a better writer, designer, artist, etc. I want to be better at the things I enjoy doing.

I am expecting change, I’m putting faith in the Universe that I will have whatever it is I’ve been wanting.

I have been appreciating the California sky a lot more. And palm trees. Sounds typical and probably a cliche but I don’t care. I still love it. Here is a digital rendition to go along with today’s blog post.

May you be inspired to create something everyday!


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