Just a video of my cat, Tabby. That’s all.😺

She’s the first cat I’ve ever had. Adopted her in late 2014. I was going for a black cat but this one literally conned us into taking her instead – jumped onto the table immediately to greet us even though the house was full of cats; just full on put her charm on James while I was trying to get the black cat to come to me but he wouldn’t, so Tabby picked us instead. She even jumped into the carrier when it was time to go like she really just wanted to get tf out of there. Needless to say 6 years later she is still with us. She’s going to be 12 years old on May 2020.

I deleted her Instagram account because I hardly ever used it. I’ve also deleted my @savethesavages IG. But then again, Instagram only lets you ‘disable’ it.

So far this year, I’ve been detaching myself from people and social media. It’s been 4 months since Roxy passed and I’m still not feeling 100% well – meaning I’m just existing in a mostly neutral state. Some days I’m at 25% and other days I’m at 75%. I also don’t have the same drive and motivation I had for Metaphysical Vibes but I’m not going to delete it either. I’ve been working more on Crystal Healer LA – I feel that people need energy work more than they need crystals.

If you’re looking for me on Instagram, I’m over @crystalhealerla


One thought on “Video of My Cat – Tabby

  1. I love that Tabby chose you guys and had you take her home. I love this story. She’s awesome… and I don’t feel like I remember that she’s a May kitty. 😻
    I am relating to your last paragraph big… drive and motivation are low even tho I try to convince myself to be more productive “for” Roxy, to honor her, I slump. grief is an exhausting, bizarre process… I’m happy to “feel” but don’t love how I “feel” right now.
    I love you. thanks for posting this, I love seeing Tabby, her squeaky meows are so cute.

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